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One of the qualities of a garden is that you transmit us pleasant feelings; the gardens are complementary  cannot be apart from the buildings, since they reflect the personality of a house or the image projected a company.

To enjoy a garden year-round, maintenance is required to ensure his appearance, but it is also imperative that the trees, plants, flowers, tussock grasses, etc. grow up healthy and strong. Not to mention all the accessories that accompany it such as swimming pools, playgrounds, pipi-can, recreational areas…  

We can offer you:

• Pruning of plants and shrubs (Topiary gardening).  

• Pruning of trees, conifers and palms.  

• Mowing, punctured and resowing soil for grass. 

• Mowing, sowing and plowing grasslands and plots.  

• Elimination of weed.  

Phytosanitary treatments (control of pests and diseases).  

• Subscriber (to ensure a healthy and proper growth of plants).  

• Control and automated irrigation scheduling.